When To Give Gripe Water To Breastfed Baby?

Knowing when to give gripe water to a breastfed baby is very important, but it becomes challenging if you are new to gripe water.

However, medical experts believe that giving gripe water to newborns can be done orally using a syringe, and it is important you do this for babies aged two weeks to six months.

Worried about how safe gripe water is for your newborn and breastfed baby? This is completely normal as every parent would be careful with whatever their baby is being fed.

However, gripe water is completely safe considering the fact that it doesn’t contain any additives.

When To Give Gripe Water To Breastfed Baby

Gripe water is made using herbal ingredients alone, and this is another reason why it will have no side effects on your baby.

Tummy and gas troubles are what most breastfed and newborn babies go through, and gripe water is recommended for parents who are seeking a solution to these problems.

The good thing about gripe water is it will provide relief and soothe babies facing these tummy and gas issues, and it also helps in dealing with colic, hiccups, teething, and even feeling of uneasiness.

Some medical experts believe that gripe water is effective since it has a sweet taste.

When To Give Gripe Water To Breastfed Baby

Do You Give Gripe Water Before Or After Feeding?

It is completely okay to be confused as to when to give babies gripe water. Moms who have no idea what gripe water is being torn between giving their baby gripe water before or after feeding.

They do not seem to know the right time to administer gripe water to their little baby.

Generally, babies should be given gripe water after feeding. One fact parents need to note here is they do not have to give gripe water immediately to babies after feeding.

Instead, parents have to wait for about thirty minutes before giving their babies gripe water.

Why do you have to wait for about thirty minutes? This is because your baby still feels full after feeding, and giving them gripe water instantly after feeding might cause them to spit up.

The purpose of waiting for thirty minutes is for their food to digest, and their stomach to be empty.

You should avoid spitting up on your baby when they are done feeding, and one of the triggers of spit-up is giving your baby gripe water immediately after feeding. Every medical expert will advise you to wait for about thirty minutes so you don’t cause more discomfort to your baby.

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How Long After Breastfeeding Can I Give Gripe Water?

In some cases, parents are advised to be given gripe after breastfeeding as it helps in dealing with gas pain.

Babies will not mind taking gripe water as it has a sweet taste, and parents sometimes get tempted to mix gripe water with their baby’s formula.

Even though mixing gripe formula and your baby’s formula is safe, it is better you administer gripe water on its own.

On the other hand, parents are also recommended to wait for about thirty minutes before giving their baby gripe water. Why do you have to wait for thirty minutes?

Your baby might vomit if you feed them gripe water immediately after breastfeeding them, and this can also be because the ingredients used in making gripe water might not mix well with the contents of the stomach.

In addition to that, you can give your baby gripe water before feeding if they have issues with completing their feeding as a result of excess gas.

Gripe water helps in easing up the entire process, so you can see how effective and reliable gripe water is.

When Is The Best Time To Give Gripe Water?

Babies will get comfortable taking gripe water, and this is because gripe water comes with a pleasant and sweet taste that babies like.

Mothers on the other hand tend to be tempted to mix gripe water and baby formula, and doing this has no effect as it is considered safe.

However, medical experts advise that mothers shouldn’t mix gripe water with their baby’s formula, so it is best for babies to be administered gripe water alone. Some medical experts believe babies can be given gripe water immediately after feeding them.

This is because feeding babies gripe water immediately after feeding helps them avoid gas pains.

Why We Should Not Give Gripe Water To Babies?

No matter how beneficial gripe water is, there are times and instances when you should not give gripe water to babies.

There are ages that gripe water should be administered to babies, and there is a certain age that should be fed with gripe water.

Babies who are below the age of one month should not be fed gripe water, and parents might wonder why. This is because one-month-old babies still have a sensitive and developing digestive tract. Medical experts on the other hand offer other alternatives to mothers with colicky babies.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Gripe Water?

Gripe water is considered safe, but there are alternatives safer than gripe water. After giving your baby gripe water, it is very important that you keep your eyes on your baby for side effects.

Side effects might be an allergic reaction, and this reaction could be;

  • Vomiting
  • Watery eyes
  • Hives
  • Change in breathing
  • Itchy feeling
  • Swollen tongue or lips

The moment you notice any of these signs after giving your baby gripe water, you should not administer gripe water anymore. Instead, contact your medical doctor for other safer options you can make use of.

Does Gripe Water Help Babies Sleep?

Yes, babies tend to sleep after taking gripe water. There is no need to feel bothered about this as it is completely normal, and the exhaustion from the symptoms babies face from colic and gas challenges tends to make them tired.

Gripe water on the other hand works effectively in relieving the tension babies have faced, and one of the ways babies can be relaxed is by getting some sleep.

So this means when your baby feels sleepy after taking gripe, it is normal and expected.

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