Is It Okay To Wash Baby Bottles With Dawn Dish Soap?

Every parent knows that the body and immune system of their newborn baby is very delicate and not fully developed. This is why parents are very particular about what they feed their newborn baby with, and what type of soap is used in cleaning their baby bottles.

Cleaning and maintaining baby bottles requires you to pay attention to some details like knowing the right soap to make use of, the type of brush to use, and the temperature levels of the water. All of these are essential if you want to maintain the right hygiene standards.

The question today is can baby bottles be washed using the dawn dish soap, and the answer to this is a short and easy one. Parents can opt to wash their baby bottles using the dawn dish soap as it cleans great, but there are things you should know about this dish soap.

Is It Okay To Wash Baby Bottles With Dawn Dish Soap?

Cleaning using the dawn dish soap is known to leave behind a soapy smell and a sticky residue, and these things could be harmful when they mix with your baby food. This is one of the reasons why there are doubts surrounding washing baby bottles with the dawn dish soap.

What this means is any bottle washed using the dawn dish soap must be thoroughly rinsed in order to get rid of the soapy residue and smell. Another point parents should note when it comes to washing baby bottles using the dawn dish soap is it contains harsh cleaning agents and fragrances.

These harsh cleaning agents and fragrances are not ideal for your baby’s health, so it is best that parents avoid washing baby bottles using the dawn dish soap and turn to other mild soaps that doesn’t present any harm or risk when used in washing baby bottles.

What Soap Can I Use To Wash Baby Bottles?

It can be very tricky for any parent to find the ideal soap for washing their baby bottles, but one of the things you may want to avoid when using any soap is a soapy smell and a sticky residue. There are so many good soaps that will wash great and meet your cleaning needs.

These soaps tend to be free from fragrance, and they are also made using safe and effective ingredients which will effectively wash away formula, milk, and other gunk from baby bottles. The best types of soap for washing baby bottles leaves no odor or residue behind.

Is It Okay To Wash Baby Bottles With Dawn Dish Soap?

Here are four top soaps that delivers the best results when used in washing baby bottles;

  • Dappy baby bottle and dish soap
  • Babyganics foaming dish and bottle soap
  • Dr Bronner’s pure castille baby unscented soap
  • Dapple baby dishwasher packs

When shopping for baby soaps that will come in contact with your baby food and skin, ensure that this soap is recommended and approved by a pediatrician or dermatologist. The immune system of a baby is one that is still developing, so it is best that babies are well protected at all times.

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Can You Wash Baby Bottle With Dish Soap?

Finding the right diaper, changing baby diaper, and finding the perfect bottle for feeding your newborn baby are all tasks that can be challenging for so many parents out there. It even becomes extra challenging when you have to find the perfect soap for washing baby bottles.

Finding the right soap to wash baby bottles is described as challenging as there are so many soaps claiming to be safe and effective, but how can you tell if this is the truth without putting your baby at risk? There are so many ingredients you want to avoid when shopping for baby bottle soaps.

In the case of a dish soap, can you wash baby bottle with a dish soap? The answer is yes, you can wash baby bottles using a dish soap. The problem is some of these dish soap that claims to be safe might not really be safe as they tend to leave behind residues and a soapy smell.

What this requires of every parent that makes use of them is to thoroughly rinse them after washing, and ensure they do not have that sticky residue or smell before pouring your baby food into it. Don’t just go for any dish soap that claims to be safe, but go for the one that is approved by a pediatrician.

Do You Have To Wash Baby Bottles After Every Use?

Of course, you have to make sure that every bottle you use for feeding your baby is washed after every use. This is the right thing you should do as a parent that cares and is concerned about your baby’s health.

If after two hours your baby fails in finishing the formula that you have made then the right thing for you to do is to get rid of the unfinished formula. An uncleaned baby bottle is a breeding ground for germs, and feeding your baby with a bottle that isn’t thoroughly cleaned poses great risks.

Parents should also not make the mistake of only rinsing baby bottles after using them, but the right thing to do is thoroughly wash and clean them to ensure that they are safe for another use. Doing this is necessary because the immune system of babies is not powerful enough to fight off germs.

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Dangers Of Not Washing Baby Bottles

Everything that has been discussed in the article so far points towards ensuring that baby bottles are cleaned before being used to feed your baby. It is not just about cleaning them, but also ensuring that the right soap is used when cleaning them.

There are dangers that comes with not cleaning baby bottles after use. Germs tend to grow quickly inside this bottles since you refuse to wash and clean them immediately after use, and adding fresh milk to a partially used baby bottle poses a great health risk for your newborn baby.

Infants and newborn babies do not have immune systems that are matured and fully developed, so it is best that they should be fed with baby bottles that have been thoroughly washed and cleaned.

The presence of a weak immune system means babies are vulnerable to fungi, parasites, bacteria, and viruses, and all of these things can make babies fall sick. Your baby will fall sick if you feed them using a partially cleaned baby bottle.

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