Will Bleach Dissolve Baby Wipes?

When baby wipes clog your toilet, the next thing you might probably do is to search the internet for ways you get rid of the baby wipes from the toilet. Interestingly, there are so many suggestions available on the internet, and one of these suggestions is the use of bleach.

So many people today are of the opinion that using bleach can help in dissolving baby wipes, but how true is this statement. Will bleach dissolve baby wipes? Are there other solutions you can count on to dissolve baby wipes? It might come as a surprise to you, but bleach doesn’t dissolve baby wipes.

Baby wipes are designed with tough materials to stay the same irrespective of any material or compound it comes in contact with. Baby wipes are made using materials that will ensure your baby is well cleaned, and this tells you that it is ineffective for you to use bleach in dissolving baby wipes.

Will Bleach Dissolve Baby Wipes?

It is a huge headache for anyone whose toilet has been clogged by a baby wipe. Baby wipes are not like toilet paper that gets dissolved when it comes in contact with water, but be rest assured that baby wipes will not dissolve whether it comes in contact with water or bleach.

The clogging will only get worse, and the best way to get rid of a clogged toilet is by using a plunger. Using a toilet snake or a plunger is going to help force the baby wipe through the toilet pipes. However, there is a possibility that using a toilet snake or plunger might not work.

If you find yourself in this situation then the option you have is to call a professional plumber to assist in removing the baby wipe from the toilet and fixing the toilet. What you should have in mind is that there are no chemicals that will effectively dissolve baby wipes.

What Chemicals Will Dissolve Baby Wipes?

Will Bleach Dissolve Baby Wipes?

Just like you read in the last line, it is impossible for any chemical to break down baby wipes. Why are baby wipes designed to be this tough and resistant to even chemicals? This is because baby wipes are made out of synthetic polymer bonded together inside a cloth.

The use of synthetic polymers means it will take a very long time for baby wipes to break down, and this is why you will require professional help when baby wipes clog your toilet. One thought you might have in mind is going out to shop for wipes that claim to be flushable.

You should hold this thought as there are no wipes that can be easily flushed down the toilet. Technically, you can flush wipes down the toilet, but is doing this the right thing to do? You ae at risk of clogging your toilet when you flush a baby wipe inside it, and this doesn’t matter if the baby wipe has flushable written all over it.

The reason why baby wipes are used in the first place is the same reason why flushing them down the toilet is a very bad idea. This is because they do not break down with ease, and are designed to maintain their consistency.

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How Do You Unclog Baby Wipes In Toilet?

There are three effective methods you can use in unclogging baby wipes inside a toilet, so check out these three methods below.

Use Of Plunger – Your first line of defense is making use of a plunger, and plungers work by forcing the baby wipes down the toilet pipe. Doing this can also help your toilet function like it used to, and gripping the plunger with both hands provides you with a firm grip and push against baby wipes.

Toilet Snake – One of the strongest tools you can have among your toilet arsenal is a toilet snake, and the toilet snake comes with a flexible wire coil head that will effectively get rid of obstructions lying in its way.

Professional Plumber – If the use of a toilet plunger and toilet snake doesn’t provide you with the result you need then it is best you call a plumber to help you with removing the baby wipe. Home remedies against baby wipes like baking soda and vinegar would not yield any results.

If the clog you are dealing with is serious then you should consider hiring the services of a professional plumber.

How Long Does It Take For A Baby Wipe To Dissolve?

The time it will take for a baby wipe to dissolve is not something that can be easily pointed out. Judging by the materials used in making baby wipes, they might take as long several weeks and months for it to get dissolved.

The durability of wipes means it will take a very long time for them to dissolve, and this is why baby wipes will keep your baby dry and clean.

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Will One Baby Wipes Clog Toilet?

Surprisingly, one baby wipe is capable of clogging your toilet if it finds its way inside it. This is why parents are advised to not flush baby wipes down the toilet as the materials they are made of makes it impossible for it to break down even when it is poured bleach or comes in contact with water.

One baby wipe can clog a toilet, and you might end up getting hit with an expensive plumbing bill when one baby wipe clogs your toilet. Baby wipes are not soluble in water, and this is the reason why they will stay stuck inside toilet pipes for a long period without dissolving.

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