Will Lemon Juice Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

Surprisingly, there are several home remedies all over the internet that claim to increase the chances of a pregnancy test being positive.

People believe these home remedies tend to be accurate in influencing a test to be positive, and lemon juice is one such remedy.

I bet this made you laugh when you read it but does it actually work? When it comes to pregnancy, there are so many old wives’ tales that are being told.

There are people with theories that claim Vitamin C has the ability to increase HCG levels which is the hormone produced in early pregnancy.

The fact still remains that there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim, and urine tests are common everywhere since they are a lot easier and cheaper to make use of when checking for pregnancy.

Another common fact or truth about urine tests is they are not as accurate as blood tests.

As early as six days after conception, a blood test will be able to tell you or show if a lady is already pregnant or not. Urine tests on the other hand will not be able to tell you if you are pregnant or not till after ten days.

Will Lemon Juice Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

Several couples do all they can to boost their chances of getting pregnant, and using lemon juice as a pregnancy test is one of the common things most couples do.

There are people who believe that the addition of lemon juice to a urine sample can likely make the test result to be positive.

On the other hand, there are people who also believe that drinking lemon juice every day will also increase pregnancy chances.

However, there is no scientific evidence to back up either of these claims, but there is still no harm in trying out any of these methods.

Will Lemon Juice Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

Is There Anything Else That Can Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

Like it was stated earlier at the beginning of this post, home pregnancy tests are accurate but not as accurate as blood tests.

Despite being accurate, there are instances where a home pregnancy test might present you with a false result.

What you should know is there are certain factors that might contribute to a home pregnancy test providing you with a false result, and below are some of the possible causes why you will end up with a false pregnancy home test instead of an accurate one.

  • Evaporation Line – Following instructions is very important when using a home test kit, and an evaporation line which the urine left after reading a home test kit might make it seem like a positive result
  • Previous abortion or miscarriage prior to a pregnancy test
  • Molar pregnancy in which there is a uterine tumor
  • Medications
  • Medical conditions like kidney diseases, Urinary tract infections, and ovarian cysts

Generally, pregnancy home test kits are certified to be ninety-nine percent accurate. Failing to make use of the test like it was advised means you are going to end up with a false test result.

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Can You Add Vinegar To A Pregnancy Test To Make It Positive?

You might have a gut feeling that you are pregnant, and you are curious to find out since you are alone at home.

Homemade test kits are available everywhere for women to easily access and check to see if they are pregnant, but there are other homemade test practices people follow today.

Some of the steps or practices are anecdotal, and this tells you that some of these steps or practices do not have any scientific evidence to back them up.

A reliable way to get confirmation on pregnancy is by opting for a pregnancy test kit from a store that offers ninety-nine percent accuracy.

In the case of vinegar, people make use of it when checking for pregnancy. The steps involved are detailed below;

  • Half a cup of vinegar is added to distilled water inside a bowl
  • Urinate inside of a cup and add to the bowl, or you urinate directly inside the bowl
  • You are expected to wait for about three to five minutes after doing this
  • If there is a change in color then you are pregnant
  • No change in color means there is no pregnancy

This step sounds like fun, but do not forget that there is no scientific proof to back up this procedure or method.

What Triggers Positive Pregnancy Test Results?

Having a pregnancy test result can be a rollercoaster of emotions for anyone, and there is a possibility that you can be left with a false pregnancy test result.

This can be very hard on anyone that has been trying to get pregnant, but what triggers positive pregnancy test results?

Below are some of the possible reasons why you have gotten a false pregnancy test result;

  • Allowing the test to sit for too long before taking a look at it
  • Making use of an expired pregnancy test
  • Making use of fertility medications that cause an increase in HCG levels
  • Presence of HCG in the body after an abortion or miscarriage
  • Previous ectopic pregnancy
  • A case of possible early miscarriage

If you feel you are dealing with a false pregnancy test result or you are not certain of the result you got then it is okay to go for a blood test.

Blood tests for pregnancy are far more accurate than every other test, and they can detect pregnancy as early as six days after conception.

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Can Too Much Pee On A Pregnancy Test Make It Negative?

There are certain things or factors that can cause a person to have a wrong or altered pregnancy test result when making use of a urine test kit at home.

Too many fluids can have a negative impact on the test result, so it is best you hold on if your urine is diluted or has a pale yellow color.

There are diluted HCG levels in dilute urine, and these diluted HCG levels have the ability to leave you with a negative pregnancy test result.

This is why women are advised to take a pregnancy test when they have to pee naturally. Doing this guarantees an accurate test result.

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