Where To Place Baby Monitor

When it comes to baby monitors, they ensure that parents keep an eye on their babies even when they are not so close to them. Video monitors in particular are the ones parents consider as the most reliable, but where to place baby monitor is a problem most parents struggle with.

Baby monitors allows parents to monitor their babies while they are asleep, and this also gives parents the privilege to do other things around the house while their baby’s are asleep. However, you need to be careful about where you place a baby monitor in your baby’s room.

The baby unit is the one parents have to be very careful with since it will be placed in the baby’s room, and this is normal as parents have to be careful with whatever item that is being placed in their baby’s room.

Safety and health precautions are two things that must be observed when placing a baby monitor in a baby’s room. Parents need to do this with respect to potential privacy intrusions and exposure to electromagnetism.

Where To Place Baby Monitor

In order to answer this question, it is very crucial for parents to place the baby monitor six feet away from where the baby is sleeping. Six feet is considered as the minimum safe distance that helps to keep babies safe and protected from electromagnetic exposure.

Extra caution needs to be taken when dealing with a baby monitor that comes with a cord. Parents need to be very careful so there is no issue of strangulation as a result of the monitor cord present inside the room.

Wherever you place the baby monitor, make sure that the microphone can easily pickup sounds with minimal or zero interference. It is very necessary that you attach the cord to a wall in order to prevent your baby from reaching it. This is if the baby monitor comes with a cord.

Where To Place Baby Monitor

After so much consideration and research, below are some of the best places you can place a baby monitor in your home;

  • Placing the baby monitor on a high shelf
  • Wall mounting the baby monitor close to the ceiling

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How Far Away Should Baby Monitor Be From The Crib?

There should be a specific distance that needs to be observed when it comes to placing a baby monitor away from your baby’s crib. Health experts kick against placing baby monitors inside of your baby’s crib, because doing it is like a disaster that is waiting to happen.

The ideal distance for you to place a baby monitor with cord away from the baby’s crib is three feet. This distance also applies to baby bassinet, and pack and play. Keeping the baby monitor from your baby crib as far as possible is very important.

One mistake with so many parents is they do not know that there are certain precautions that must be taken when it comes to positioning a baby monitor. There are two things parents must consider when it comes to setting up a baby monitor.

These are how far away the baby monitor needs to be away from the baby crib, and the best place to position a baby monitor.

How Do You Mount A Baby Monitor To A Wall?

When it comes to mounting a baby monitor to a wall, trust the baby monitor kit to come with all the necessary mounting elements. If you settle for a baby monitor without screws, the manufacturer is going to indicate the best screws you can make use of when mounting the baby monitor.

If you want to mount a baby monitor to a wall, there are about five steps for you to follow. These steps are explained below;

  • Testing the sound and viewing angle of the baby monitor with the help of someone that will make sure you are mounting at the right angle, and hearing the correct sound.
  • Mark screw placements, and this is possible as some baby monitor kits come with handy sheets which makes it possible for you to locate holes that you need to drill for mounting
  • Drilling the holes close to the ceiling inside the wall
  • The kit will come with a base, and this base should be screwed to the wall
  • Attach the baby monitor base using the popular clipping mechanism

How Long Should You Use A Baby Monitor

Parents are often disturbed about how long they have to make use of baby monitor, but baby monitors are essential as they ensure parents keep an eye on their child while sleeping. Baby monitors enable parents to go about their other chores while their baby is asleep.

However, there is a need to know the right time to stop using a baby monitor. There is no general rule or specified time a parent needs to stop making use of a baby monitor. However, there are parents that stop using baby monitors when their baby hits the one year mark.

However, there are reports that claims both the parents and the child will have a healthy sleep when the baby monitor gets turned off earlier. Doing this will encourage better sleeping habits in both parties, so there is no suitable time for parents to stop making use of baby monitors.

When a family chooses to stop using baby monitors is entirely up to them, and health experts suggests that babies should sleep in their parents room for the first six months after birth. Doing this helps in reducing the chances of sudden infant death syndrome.

A baby monitor is recommended when parent and child do not sleep in the same room, so the baby monitor helps the parent observe the child while the child is asleep.

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Do You Leave Baby Monitor On All Night?

Parents can stop using baby monitors whenever they deem fit, but parents and child can observe a healthy sleep if the baby monitor gets turned off at night when the baby is six months old. However, there are several reasons why parents will not turn off baby monitors at night.

Turning off baby monitors at night will cause parents to wake up from a heavy sleep, and this can cause anxiety and worrying in parents. This is why parents do not opt to quit using baby monitors until the baby is big enough to sleep on its own.

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