When Can Babies Sit In Stroller Without Car Seat?

What is a stroller?

A stroller is built in a carriage but a smaller version with wheels. It is used for moving babies or toddlers around, which can be an interesting and enjoyable ride for babies.

Going on a trip or traveling with your baby, it is important to consider the security of your baby in the car.

Some parents use the car sits at their early beginnings, however when it’s time for them to use strollers, getting the best strollers that would have the qualities of what you are looking for, safe you’re your child, and serve the purpose is gotten.

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When Can Babies Sit In Stroller Without Car Seat?

When Can Babies Sit In Stroller Without Car Seat

Of course, a stroller is wanted you will want to acquire for your child when the time is right, but it is best to focus on why you are getting it and not swayed by the different designs or models you see.

The vital thing to look out for is how secure and safe your child will feel when using it.

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When babies can use a stroller?

The suitable time to use a stroller would still be when babies like toddlers; at least they should be able to sit up and follow little guides like lifting and supporting the head when needed.

Some stroller comes in a full lay-back position; it is known as the bassinet stroller and is suitable for babies around 0 – 6 months.

At this stage, your concern is to help keep the baby stable, comfortable and has enough support.

The best stroller will be the type that has a well-structured suspension system that can take in bounces and avoid constant shaking or jostling.

It has to be sturdy, fully reclined, and has a very comfy seat, so your baby can enjoy the ride lying flat on the back. The bassinet stroller can also be used as a mini-crib for babies.

Around six to twelve months, most babies can now sit up; getting a stroller for them is important.

The stroller must be adjustable, have different recline positions, have great support, be spacious and be well cushioned for good comfort. To ensure your child is secure and snug while moving around, it should come with a five-point harness.

The stroller has lots of benefits for babies and toddlers; they start changing in development between the ages of five and to nine-month.

During this stage, they’ll be much more interested in everything going on around them. Also, this is the moment when they can sit forward in a stroller facing you.

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Things to consider before getting a stroller

Here are some of the things that are to be put into consideration for your precious ones;


Depending on the environment or town where you reside, you may consider getting a very strong stroller that suits the pavements and other surfaces that are easily maneuvered around.

A foldable stroller when you need to travel through the public channel or other means. It will be best to pick out a stroller that can serve the needed purpose.

The type of family

Mostly for those with more than one child, you might want to consider getting a double stroller that can also accommodate your other child for security and safety purposes.

It is vital to always go through the guidelines and instructions with the stroller before using it.


As a parent, you need to consider your lifestyle and how it would impact your child’s welfare. It could be your job entails running errands or traveling most of the time; getting a stroller with an umbrella would be great for protection and guidance from the ray of the sun or other reasons.

This stroller can be used for your baby when jogging or doing other outdoor activities.

The stroller that is Car-Friendly

Parents who drive around with their car most often need to consider the type of stroller they get, more like the type that can fully fold compactly, is more sturdy, and is lightweight.

The size and weight

Considering the dimension and size of the stroller you want to acquire is important so you don’t get the type that would not fit through the door, is very heavy to lift when folded and unfolded through the stairs, and can’t fit the back seat of the boot of the car.

Height of the handle

The height of the handle needs to complement your height, if possible, the height of your partner because you would the sharing the responsibility most of the time.

In addition, any little struggle of reaching or pushing the stroller back and forth can affect the shoulders. Therefore, it is advisable to get strollers with handles adjusted to any height required so you don’t have to inconvenience your body posture while pushing it.

More than one stroller

You might want to consider getting more than one stroller in different scenarios; for instance, one that is very lightweight can be used for traveling purposes and a full-sized stroller with different features for outdoor outings and around the neighborhood.

However, if the plan is to get just one, ensure that the one selected meets almost all your needs, and do not go overboard getting a stroller with features that are not needed.

Pocket size:

You don’t need to break the bank to get a good stroller; most parents like to be in fashion, looking out for strollers used by most popular celebrities or probably the popular brand names which are unreasonably high in price.

Your only aim is to get the best stroller that meets the baby’s needs and is comfortable for movement regardless of the brand or what is popularly used.

Strollers with accessories are the best option, accessories like one-handle operation/folding, rain cover, cup holder, blanket, basket for storage, all-terrain wheels, food trays, or sunshade.

How to keep a child safe in the stroller

Most strollers have instructions and guides on how to use them, also more information regarding safety for babies and toddlers, which includes;

1. A sturdy stroller ensures the child has a wide base to protect them from falling off when they lean over the side. Ensure the stroller does not tip backward when the seat is being reclined when your child is in it.

2. When the baby is in the stroller, always make sure they are strapped in with the seatbelt provided with the stroller; some have at least three to five-point harnesses.

3. The folding mechanism must always be locked in when your baby is in it to avoid it from collapsing accidentally. When the wheel is not actively rolling, apply the brakes and lock the wheels

4. Be very observant when folding and unfolding the stroller; double-check that none of your baby’s little fingers is close to it.

5. Avoid getting too comfortable with the stroller by hanging shopping bags, purses, and the like on the stroller’s handle because it can accidentally tip it backward with the weight of the bags.

In conclusion, using the car seat in the stroller is even more convenient to move the baby easily from the car to the stroller or the car. However, as they grow and develop, they dislike the feeling of being confined to a particular place, so it might seem as if they prefer the stroller.

Of course, there are no mandated rules and regulations regarding whether to put a baby in the stroller with or without a car seat; some allow their babies or toddlers to sit up before transitioning them to a stroller.

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