My Son Is Being Manipulated By His Girlfriend

It is very difficult for every parent to watch their son being manipulated by his girlfriend. This is a common topic in most friends and family forums, especially among women.

Most women worry about what they can do to help their son if he is in this sort of situation.

Every parent is capable of seeing the clear signs that their son is being manipulated by his girlfriend, and being in a manipulative relationship can cause security, trust, intimacy, and respect problems between the parties involved.

What most people think is parents invade their children’s privacy when they try to give their two cents about things that should be or shouldn’t be, but this is not always the case in every instance.

If your son is in a relationship with a manipulative girl, what do you do as a concerned parent?

My Son Is Being Manipulated By His Girlfriend

Do you end up talking to your son about it, or do you go ahead and confront the girl about it?

Is there a way you can intervene without being viewed as an invader by the girl and her friends and family? What are the right steps for you to take in this sort of situation? Check them out below;

  • It is okay to have a conversation with your son about this, but caution should be taken when approaching the matter
  • Try to be honest in your conversation, and help your son with connecting the dots
  • Ask him questions regarding how he feels about their relationship
  • Make a schedule where everybody spends time together to bond more
  • If your son is in an abusive relationship then you should consider scheduling an appointment for him to meet with a counselor

There are scenarios where your children actually think they are in a happy relationship or doing great in their relationship, but they are actually in a manipulative relationship without knowing.

The following steps up there will help you make him see things clearly.

My Son Is Being Manipulated By His Girlfriend

What Do You Do When Your Son’s Girlfriend Is Toxic?

Listening to your child and always making out time for the two of you to talk is one of the best and easiest ways you can try to rescue your son who is in a relationship with a toxic girl.

There is no equality in toxic relationships as one partner tends to have dominance over the other partner.

A toxic relationship in most cases can progress to being a relationship where there is verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, digital abuse, and financial abuse.

It is also normal for parents to feel anger, fear, and judgment when they see their son in such a tough and ugly spot.

One of the easiest ways to help your son grow out of the situation is by maintaining a good rapport with them. Below are some of the best steps you can take if you want to help your son that is in a relationship with a toxic girl.

  • Listen to him complain or talk when he wants to
  • Pay attention so you can be able to ask questions
  • Encourage interests
  • Try as much as possible to invite both of them to family activities
  • Be patient
  • Provide your son with some healthy resources that throw more light on his present situation

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How Do I Deal With My Son Breaking Up With His Girlfriend?

It doesn’t matter if it was a summer fling or if it was a long-lasting relationship, ending a relationship can really be hard for young people, especially teens.

It feels sad to know that this minute they are riding the waves of a relationship, and all of their lives and hopes die the next minute.

The good of this situation is you can use this opportunity to teach your son a thing or two about disappointments, rejection, pain, and all other emotions that come with ending a relationship.

One thing you should note is to avoid doing anything that will make your son feel much worse.

Here are some of the top steps you can follow if you want to help your son that is going through a breakup with his girlfriend.

  • Make sure all of your teen’s emotions are validated
  • Offer your son all the support he needs on his decision
  • Ensure that you find a middle ground, and avoid using statements like “you can do better”, or “she wasn’t right for him”
  • Ensure that you are a good listener
  • Make out time to talk about new things with your sons like the latest video games, phone technology, or a new trending movie
  • Offer some sort of distraction like family time, going to the movies, or games night for the family
  • Encourage your teen to get back to their daily life after a few days of being sober
  • Try to get help from a counselor or professional when necessary

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My Son Is Being Emotionally Abused By His Girlfriend

When you find out that your son is in an emotionally abusive relationship, you will find it difficult to break the news to him. This is even more difficult if he doesn’t have an idea that he is in an emotionally abusive relationship.

If he wasn’t your son, you would have easily said what you have to say to him. What makes it difficult for parents to speak up to their sons and make them understand that they are in an abusive relationship is it might destroy any relationship they share.

Letting the cat out of the bag might be tricky if the person being affected is your son, but one of the best approaches to take is to shine a light on the things the girlfriend does that point in the direction of emotional abuse.

When talking to your son, it is much better that you focus on the oppressive and smothered feelings the girlfriend displays.

Doing this will help your son in finding out the truth on his own in his quiet time, and finding out the truth on his own will also help him reach a higher good.

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