How Does Preseed Work

Not many lubricants are fertility-friendly but fortunately, Pre-seed is one of the most fertility-friendly lubricant that there is. Sometimes, the cervical mucus produced during the ovulation period is quite much and too thick for the sperm to go through.

Pre-seed supplements the sperm lubrication and helps it swim through the cervical mucus to the eggs successfully, thereby increasing the possibilities of pregnancy. Pre-seed, when applied to your vagina before sexual intercourse, mimics your vaginal fluid and creates a conducive environment for the sperm to journey through to the eggs.

How Does Preseed Work

how does preseed work

Using the pre-seed also prevents vaginal dryness. Compared to most other lubricants the ingredients contained in pre-seed lubricants are clean and safe for you. One of the ingredients used in making pre-seed is distilled water. Pre-seed was developed by medical practitioners and is used in many fertility hospitals.

How To Use Pre-Seed

Pre-seed lubricator usually comes with a tube alongside 9 applicators that have measurements in grams written on them. According to the directions of usage, you are to pull about 3grams of the pre-seed lubricant into the applicator and use.

Contrary to this, However, expert Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh suggests that you use less than the directed 3grams, only during foreplay before sexual intercourse. Apply enough pre-seed lubricant outside the vagina, around the clitoris but only a little amount, about  a fingertip of it on the penis, if it is highly necessary.

Pre-seed can either be applied outside the vagina and on the penis during foreplay or inserted into the vagina with the applicator, minutes before sexual intercourse. If you have enough natural vaginal fluid, you might find that the pre-seed lubricant is not necessary after all.

It is important for you to note that it is only a safer lubricant choice, not necessarily a fertility booster.

When To Use Pre-Seed

Experts recommend using pre-seed only when you are approaching fertility period and during the fertility period itself. Although you can use pre-seed all month long, it is not advisable. It is more advisable to use other lubricants, preferably water-based ones, every other time of the month that is not fertility period.

It is also advised that you apply pre-seed lubricant to the vagina, 15minutes before sexual intercourse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Should You Wait After Inserting Pre-seed?

After inserting pre-seed into your vagina, you should wait at least 15minutes before having intercourse. After intercourse, it is important that you allow the sperm complete its journey to your eggs so resist the urge to move around or do any house chores.

Spend some time lying down. You could even take a nap. This would give the sperm enough time to make its way through to your eggs and hopefully result in pregnancy.  

Can Pre-seed Help With Low Sperm Count?

Many studies and researches have been carried out and almost all of these studies and researches have shown that Pre-seed does not have any significant effect on sperm count; no reduction in vitality or increment in damage was discovered.

Does Pre-Seed Damage Sperm?

Most other lubricants like KY kill sperm very fast but pre-seed does not kill sperm as much as those other lubricants. However, this does not mean that pre-seed make the sperm journey any faster or better to the eggs.

As a matter of fact, a sperm that was not exposed to pre-seed lubricant will move faster than a sperm that was lubricated by pre-seed. The sperm stands a better chance of getting to the eggs without the use of pre-seed.

But since the larger population of women need lubricants during intercourse, the safest and highly recommended alternative is pre-seed lubricant.

Is Conceive Plus Or Pre-Seed Better?

Both lubricants are good but according to research and ratings, Pre-seed is a better lubricant option than Conceive Plus. Study of different lubricants showed pre-seed to have 92% vitality, 86% progressive motility and ranking lowest in lubricants with adverse effects on functionality of sperm.

Coming up second in these ratings is Conceive Plus. Conceive Plus is the lubricant that rated second highest in vitality and motility, and second lowest in lubricants with adverse effects on sperm.

Does Pre-Seed Lubricant Help You Get Pregnant?

Lubricants can slow down sperm because of how vicious and thick they are – sperm can’t swim through that. If you must use lubricants, use pre-seed. It is a fertility-friendly lubricant that was developed by doctors. Its pH is balanced to match fertile cervical mucus and the pH of the sperm.  This won’t hurt your odds of conceiving.

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