Home Remedies For Getting Pregnant With Tubes Tied

If you are on this page, you should be searching for home remedies for getting pregnant with tubes tied. However, you should be aware of the fact that a woman’s fallopian tube remains the most vital part of her reproductive system, and this is based on the fact that a fallopian tube helps in the transfer of matured ovules from the ovary to the uterus. Muscular ducts that connects the womb to the ovaries is what the fallopian tube is, and that is the area that is mostly affected when a woman finds it very difficult to conceive. You might find this very hard to believe but there really isn’t any physical problem that will prevent a woman from conceiving.

A woman find it almost impossible to conceive when her fallopian tube gets blocked, but some lifestyle changes and improving habits helps with opening up a blocked fallopian tube. You will find the fallopian tube on either sides of the uterus, and when this tubes gets blocked, a woman is going to experience series of problems in terms of getting pregnant. There are so many instances that could lead to a woman’s fallopian tube getting blocked, and some of these instances includes a pelvic inflammatory disease and tubular infertility factor disease. If you don’t want to go to the doctor, there are natural home remedies that a woman could adopt to help with the problem.

Home Remedies For Getting Pregnant With Tubes Tied

Home Remedies For Getting Pregnant With Tubes Tied

In other cases, there are some lifestyles that could lead to the fallopian tube getting blocked, and these lifestyles includes excessive smoking and drinking. In the next section of this guide, we will be showing you natural remedies that you could adopt to help with opening up the fallopian tube. There are several natural home remedies ranging from plants to roots that will help with opening up a blocked fallopian tube. You should not write off the idea of consulting with a health professional, because that remains the best step any woman can take when she finds out she has a blocked fallopian tube.

Dong Quai Root – The dong quai root helps with the stimulation of the reproductive system so the blocked fallopian tube should be opened.

Peony Root – The Peony root helps with balancing hormones and fighting inflammation which can cause the fallopian tube to get blocked

Castor Oil – A woman can apply castor oil on the lower abdomen or use castor oil pads to help relieve a blocked fallopian tube. However, the castor oil should be applied everyday for about a month

Ginger Root – Ginger roots through infusions helps with opening up blocked fallopian tubes


There are lifestyle changes that can also help with opening up a blocked fallopian tube, and these lifestyle changes includes getting massages around affected areas, quitting smoking and drinking, and consuming foods that enhance the hormonal system. It will interest women to know that when a fallopian tube is blocked and another one is healthy and open, there is a very good possibility that you can conceive. A doctor is going to prescribe medications that will boost fertility so the place with a healthy fallopian tube can support ovulation.

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