Feeling Neglected By My Husband After Baby

After giving birth to your child, this could be the beginning of a rusty relationship with your significant other. Even if they might be doing everything right, like telling you goodbye before going to work, or even ask to know how you are doing.

Since your body is in pain, and in transition, it is quite possible that you would begin to feel lots of stuff. These things might place you in an emotional rollercoaster and do lots of things to your mental strength.

You should know that relationship related issues especially after giving birth, is usually very common so you are not the only one going through it.

Feeling Neglected By My Husband After Baby

Feeling Neglected By My Husband After Baby


Although the issue might actually come from either partner, it is better to see this issue as a result of your transitioning physically, mentally and otherwise, especially if everything was normal before having that child.

And if this is not well taken care of, the person I’m question might start feeling neglect and everything could start rose diving. Everyone that just gave birth actually gets overwhelmed especially when caring for the baby. So you should be aware of various things that may cause this issue.

There is no limit to the emotional and mental stress that you would go through. These things are usually issues that could potentially have an impact in the relationship success. Having negative feelings and thoughts, do not help matters in this issue.

And while you may be feeling various complex and conflicting emotions, you should know that successful communication between you and your significant other, is very important of you are to move forward as a couple.

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What causes this feeling of neglect

Like I said earlier, it is absolutely normal to actually feel lots of things, especially after giving birth to your baby. Child birth is actually a major transition and lots of hormones play their roles in ensuring that this activity actually goes about successfully.

If the pregnancy or child birth session was a traumatic one, it could be harder to overcome the issue they pose and make moving forward, a hard task that requires lots of effort. Meeting with a good therapist is very important and essential in times like these, because they are the only ones that can successfully help you in this situation.

You should also know that bringing in an addition to the family is usually dependent on several things. Your survival and that of your child should be considered. And while some families have lots of money which could be used for child support, other families may not have that advantage.

This could cause lots of worries and negative feeling are bound to grow as there would be lots of worrying and apprehension over the birth of a baby.

Why do I feel neglected by my partner?

After various days or weeks post delivery, many women start experiencing various conflictive emotions, along with stress and fear of isolation. Infact, a study showed that one third of women reported dissatisfaction in their relationships after childbirth.

These women were said to suffer from postpartum depression, as there were other women who were healthy after childbirth. Postpartum depression has nothing to do with the other partner as he is not doing anything wrong, but the issue is with you and your conflicting emotions.

You tend to feel lots of resentment and low self esteem. This is a very negative development, as it could create a dent in the relationship.

How to reconnect with your partner after childbirth

It is popular knowledge that pregnancy is aimed at strengthening bonds and relationships, so doing this is actually not a hard thing. You should start by ensuring that you do not minimize your feelings and emotions. But rather, always do the fight by speaking out and letting your partner or therapist know.

It is very essential that you talk to your partner and let them know what you are feeling. And if you need professional help, seek professional help. Knowing the particular issue you may be facing, is also very important as it would help you solve your challenge easier.

Communicating the feeling of neglect to your partner

Firstly, you should start by actually letting him know of the problem you may be facing. Letting him know that you feel tired or not needed or even sad, would help create an awareness of the particular issue you may be facing. They would hardly argue with your emotions because of your condition, and it would help you make your stand known.

In addition to the making your feelings known, you should tell them your solutions on how to combat the issue at hand. Since you have all the attention, they would definitely listen to you. Always know that the main helper in situations like these, is actually good communication.

If you feel stressed and tired, you could tell them that you need help in any area you wish. If you are feeling left out and neglected, you could tell your partner that you want a night out, or picnic together.

It is impossible for people to know what is on your mind, so if you bottle it all up, it would be hard to actually find solutions to help rectify any issue you may be facing.

If it is a mental problem, you and your partner would seek help together. If you keep quiet on issues like these, you might experience it again, as your partner and yourself, at consider getting another child. Knowing this, you should ensure that you deal with issues like these before it gets serious on a later date.

Thinking ahead, and having meetings to discuss with various healthcare providers, is very important to solving issues like these. Always know that good communication is very vital as it is the only way in which you can air your views to your partner.

Knowing this, you should ensure that you do not sound rude when airing your views to your significant other. Always tell him in the best way possible as it would help the dialogue go at a favorable rate. Professional help should also be considered if the conversation always ends in a fallout, as that would be very bad.

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The feeling of neglect is actually not a good one, as it gives room for various negative thoughts. And while recovering from pregnancy, these thoughts are actually things that you wouldn’t want to start taking effect in your head.

Understanding that this issue has everything to do with you, is by far the best step to take in order to completely solve problems related to this issue. Like I said earlier, another thing you should know, is that communication helps in things like these.

Good communication is the only way to actually get a good result, if the issue is from your partner. Letting him know how you are feeling, and what you want is very vital to your relationship, as it makes him aware of your plight.

If you converse properly with your partner, you might be really shocked to see how far this helps in mending your relationship. A relationship cannot be created by a person alone, but rather between two or more people.

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