Does Itchy Breast Mean Cancer?

Every medical expert will ask you to pay close attention to your breast the moment you feel some strange signs like an itchy feeling.

When you notice your breast itching, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have breast cancer, because there are several things that could be responsible for breast itch.

A condition like dry skin is capable of causing the breast to itch, but you shouldn’t look away from the fact that a persistent breast itch could be a sign of breast cancer that isn’t common.

Another sign is if the breast itch is intense, and this could be Paget’s disease or inflammatory breast cancer.

The best action for you to take when you notice a breast itch is to book an appointment with your doctor as your doctor is in the best position to tell you what you need to know, or help you figure out what you are dealing with. You shouldn’t waste more time if the itch is intense.

However, there are several other possibilities that indicates you are not dealing with a breast cancer even though you are experiencing some form of itch in that region. We are referring to cases like;

All of these condition or cases we have mentioned are capable of causing the breast to itch, and breast itch could also signal a problem in another part of the body in very rare cases.

In extremely rare cases, the presence of itchy breasts could be a sign of kidney or a liver disease.

Does Itchy Breast Mean Breast Cancer

Does Itchy Breast Mean Breast Cancer

What you should deduce from everything we have said so far about itchy breasts is it doesn’t necessarily mean you are dealing with breast cancer.

It is more likely to be as a result of skin condition, but you should also not forget that itchy breast signals the presence of uncommon breast cancer.

If the itchy feeling you have is intense or not common, the next course of action for you to take is to consult with a medical doctor.

Your medical doctor will conduct the necessary tests to figure out the underlying cause and the right form of treatment for you to start.

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Is It Normal If Your Breast Itch?

Searching the internet for an answer to this question is likely to land you on a page where you find something scary, and you are most likely to get a response like cancer is the cause of the itchy feeling on your breasts.

What you also don’t know is an itchy breast can also be as a result of something smaller and not necessarily cancer, but you shouldn’t feel relaxed because something simpler might be the cause of the itchy feeling you are feeling on your breast. ‘

Instead of searching the internet to see if having an itchy feeling on your breast is normal, the right step for you to take is have a one on one conversation with a medical expert so you can have a clear idea of what you are dealing. A medical expert will examine you and know the right steps to take.

Yeast infection, skin condition, irritant, and cancer are all possible causes of itchy feeling around the best, and this is why you shouldn’t treat this issue less. If your breast is itchy and you do not have a rash then there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about.

If the weather is hot then there is a very high possibility that the heat is the cause of the itch you feel on your breast. Medical experts believe having itchy breasts is very common nowadays as the skin is likely to react to a lot of things.

It could be that the body is reacting to a hormonal change, weather change, bra related problems, friction, sweat, and even fragrance.

What Type Of Breast Cancer Causes Itching?

The type of breast cancer that causes itching is the uncommon breast cancer like inflammatory cancer. Paget’s disease can also be another condition that has itching in the breast as its sign, but what you should know is breast itching is not a sign of breast cancer generally.

The case of inflammatory cancer is a special case, and that is why inflammatory cancer is referred to as uncommon cancer. There are other skin condition like mastitis and eczema that are responsible for the itchiness you feel around the breast.

You must have come across Paget’s disease in this post, and the itch this disease comes with starts around the dark area of the skin or the nipple itself. Paget’s disease first surfaces as a scaly red rash on the skin which people often confuse for eczema.

This scaly red rash is also accompanied by a discharge or bleeding, and the presence of Paget’s disease might also indicate the presence of breast cancer behind he nipple. Like you also read earlier, the best action to take when you notice an itch is to consult medical help.

Itching of the breast could be as a result of one skin condition or the other, but getting examined and diagnosed puts you at a safer spot with zero or minimal worries. When talking about breast cancer, its symptoms are;

  • Breast thickening
  • Presence of lump in the breast

The only time you can get worried about the itching is if it doesn’t go away after two weeks, or if there is no improvement despite all the self care measures you must have taken. You should either see a doctor or a dermatologist.

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What Does Cancer Itch Feel Like?

In the case of a skin cancer, there may not be so many symptoms present. Some skin cancers tend to be itchy while others are not, and you will find these cancer itch to appear in form of a reddish, itchy patch. This is very common when you are dealing with basal skin cancer.

In the case of Melanoma, the itch could appear as moles or dark spots, but the case is slightly different when you are dealing with Mycosis Fungiodes. In the case of Mycosis Fungiodes, the cancer presents itself in form of itchy red spots found on the skin.

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