Can You Take Dramamine While Pregnant?

If you have motion sickness, you would definitely be familiar with Dramamine. This is a brand name version of the antihistamine dimenhydrinate.

It is very safe and effective, and it helps in eliminating nausea while you are on a travel or journey.

Dramamine works by reducing the natural histamine work in your body system. This is usually used in the treatment of various things.

It is also used to prevent the various symptoms associated with motion sickness. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, dizziness etc.

Can You Take Dramamine While Pregnant

Can You Take Dramamine While Pregnant

To use the Dramamine effectively, you should ensure that you abode by the instructions in the package of the drug. Always ensure that you take the medication according to your doctor.

And if there are any concerns, or doubts you may have about the product, always ensure that you seek aid from your doctor or pharmacist, as they are the best options in this predicament.

The Dramamine can be taken orally, or with meals. You should use a measuring container to ensure that you take the right ml of liquid and not an overdose.

Do not use a regular spoon to take in the drug as you might take more or less dose than required.

And before swallowing the tablets if you do not like syrups, you should ensure that you chew  them thoroughly.

The dosage for taking a Dramamine is usually determined by the age, health condition, and treatment response of whoever is taking it. You should not increase your dosage than required as it could be detrimental to your health.

If you want to avoid motion sickness, you should ensure that you take the Dramamine dose 30 to 60 minutes before going out on that travel.

Uses of Dramamine

Dramamine is usually used in the prevention of various symptoms associated with motion sickness. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting are treated with this drug.

But you should know that this is not advised of it is not prescribed by your doctor. Also you should ensure that you avoid using this medication for children under the age of two as it would have many side effects that would be a problem. The Dramamine is also used to prevent Vertigo

Side effects of taking Dramamine

The side effects of taking this medication, usually comes when you take an inappropriate dosage, or give it to a child 2 years or lower.

Knowing this you should always try to use this drug according to your doctors prescription. These side effects are;

  • Blurred eyesight
  • Tiredness
  • Migraine
  • Sleepiness
  • Respiratory dryness
  • Palpitation
  • Rashes
  • Urinary issues
  • Mood swings
  • Unorthodox heartbeats

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Precautions to take while using Dramamine

If you are showing allergies to Dramamine or diphenhydramine, you should try to tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Allergies are not a good thing, so your doctor would definitely get another alternative for you.

Always ensure that your doctor is well aware of your medical history. If you have breathing issues like asthma or sight related issues like glaucoma, heart problems or high blood pressure.

These issues can make the side effects of using the Dramamine worse and it might cause more complicated issues.

The medication could cause sleepiness and blurry eyesight. You may starting feeling drowsy especially if you take alcohol after using the Dramamine.

So you should not operate any mobile machinery or drive, until you are okay. And ways ensure that you do not take alcohol after using the Dramamine.

If you have diabetes, it is not a good idea to take this drug. This is because the sugar within this drug would add to your issues.

If you was want to use the Dramamine as a diabetes patient, you should inquire from your doctor first for permission.

Children are more prone to the side effects associated with taking this drug, so you should ensure that you give them the right dosage.

Older people are also susceptible to the side effects related to taking this drug. It usually makes them tired and have difficulties in urinating.

Of you are to give them Dramamine for anything, always ensure that you have the full backing of your doctor or pharmacist.

Can you take Dramamine while pregnant?

While pregnant, you would start experiencing lots of issues like nausea, and an increase in the level of motion sickness.

Knowing this you may want to know whether it is safe to take in Dramamine to ease these issues. Actually, pregnant women can actually take in Dramamine.

But before doing so, you should always ensure that you check in with your doctor before doing anything.

Dimenhydrinate is actually a class B medication in pregnancy. So there is actually no proof that it is completely risk free to take in.

But while it is not dangerous, there are reasons why you should check in with your doctor before using these products.

A valid reason is that while the basic component of the Dramamine is fine for a pregnant woman, and companies might make use of other ingredients that might not be good for the body system of a pregnant woman, so avoiding those ones is very necessary.

So, if you have blood pressure or thyroid issues, it is advised that you check in with your doctor before using this product.

Can you take Dramamine for a journey while pregnant?

Yes you can take Dramamine to help you ease various ailments associated with motion sickness even while pregnant.

Your stomach is usually very sensitive at this time and you would definitely prone to many things associated with motion sickness.

But this has to be at the doctors prescription and permission. And you should know that while Dramamine is an option, not all motion sickness remedies actually require it. This is why a doctors prescription is absolutely necessary.

Can you take Dramamine for morning sickness?

If you have morning sickness, always ensure that you talk to your doctor on what to do about it. Your nausea could go through out the day, and disturb whatever activities you have on your mind.

You do not need to start suffering through it, but the right thing to do is look for solutions to handle this hassle.

You could start by changing your diet and eating smaller food portions. This will help keep your body in a constant state of stability thereby not giving room for the morning sickness.

If the nausea still persists, the doctor may give you Dramamine or other drugs to help you get through it. But always ensure that you do not take the Dramamine on your own.

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Other things you can take to avoid nausea while pregnant

If you are not a big fan of medications, and want to take something organic to help in treating your nausea, there are lots of natural things you could try. Examples are;

  • Ginger or ginger spiced food
  • Peppermint
  • Air
  • Wrist acupressure etc.

Motion sickness is a very discomforting experience as it caused you to become very vulnerable and weak. The Dramamine on the other hand, was made to combat this ailment. But before taking it, you should ensure that you have a doctor’s prescription and permission.

Taking drugs without the doctors permission is very risky, and could cause issues that would take lots to rectify. Always ensure that you abide by your doctors instruction while taking drugs.

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