Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

What Is A Laser Hair Removal? – Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

As the name implies, Laser hair removal means taking away hair with a laser which many people mostly do. They do noninvasive treatments on the armpit, pubic area, face, legs, and trunk. It is done using lasers or special concentrated light to take the hair off.

The heat produced from the laser to the affected area permanently reduces the follicle’s strength, also known as hair, to reduce the consistent growth in the area treated.

The hair removal procedure is not a one-time thing; it is mostly done in stages, so it is effective on the hair growth levels. Usually done for hairs that are thick and very dark, when it resumes growth afterward, the hair becomes thin, light, and sparser.

However, it makes hair growth slow, this is not a final solution to eliminate hairs on the area, but some people go as far as doing other treatments to maintain it.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Pregnant women tend to continue their previous lifestyle despite the new development and changes there are experiencing. Sincerely the body goes through many changes because of the hormonal development in the body. Hair tends to grow in places they don’t grow in on a norm.

So you have to consider shaving everything entirely. One of the solutions you might consider might be laser hair removal.

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Now back to the question: Is this hair removal process safe for pregnant women? What are the results or effects on the body, most especially the growing baby? Stay and keep reading; we’ve gathered much relevant information on this article.

The hair growth affects the body and makes you feel like you are no longer in your usual body. In some cases, all the women observe is how they glow and radiate with excitement throughout the nine months compared to others who have it tough and can’t want for the duration to be done with.

Hormones always get pumped for pregnant women and affect and change the normal growth of hair in the body. As a result, hair starts growing in weird and unusual places like the belly, face, breast, and neck.

Below is a process on how you can understand your hair growth cycle during this phase; There are three stages the hair growth goes through when pregnant;

At the stage when it is growing, the hair follicles start the process and then create the hair to be visible; when the stage gets midway, the hair continues to grow out, and at the last stage, which some call the resting phase, the hair starts to shed or fall out.

The hormonal changes during pregnancy cause the delay of the hair growth final stage, which means the hair stays a while before falling out, which is why they see full thick grown hair in places they’ve never seen before.

This makes it easy to understand why pregnant women would want to have laser hair removal during pregnancy to manage still to be themselves through the trimester levels. At times a little self-care and pampering can go a long way to make someone feel good in their skin.

Many medical practitioners and health providers have advised against the use of laser hair removal procedures for pregnant women. Please do not get the message wrong, laser hair removal is safe to do, but the effect it might have on unborn babies is the reason why it is not recommended so they can be safe.

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It is best to chill till your pregnancy is done before you start a laser hair removal procedure. So the next question is, how do you cope with a lot of hair growth you are experiencing at that point? Well, you can manage to manage this hair growth with waxing or shaving.

However, some shaving creams are not recommended for pregnant women because of their sensitive situation. Communicate with your doctor which method of shaving is preferable for you. After you are put to bed, the abnormal hair growth will surely adjust to normal six to seven months after birth.

The list of risk possibilities that can happen when you do laser hair removal and pregnant. Even if there is still yet to be concrete research to back up the specific reason why laser removal is not safe for pregnant women because it causes some complications of risk such as;

Skin burn– if there is a burn on the body during pregnancy, it takes a long time to heal and might end up getting hyper-pigment

Also, condition like melisma makes the system turn out in patches with gray and brownish color on the skin or face. The laser can be harsh on the body and leaves the skin with dark marks afterward.

Others are skin irritation, blisters, and more excessive hair that grows over again, although scarring and skin color change in rare cases.

Few people also think laser hair removal might cause infertility. The fact is laser gets into the skin just a few millimeters in skin, which does not have any bad effect on inner organs. In addition, this therapy has been proven safe for sensitive parts of the body, including the private part area—doing laser therapy in the meantime when pregnant is safe.

Shaving: Shaving the affected area is easy to deal with, gets rid of unwanted hair growth, and is also the safest during pregnancy. After your pregnancy, you can resume laser hair remover or have a consultation on other ways you can get rid of them permanently. 

After you give birth, it is best to wait for about three to six months when your baby is born. It will give your hormones and your hair growth cycle enough time to get back to their normal state. It is advisable to have a consultation with your doctor to help you with other treatments.

Laser hair removal is best dealt with after pregnancy; yes, there are other types of ways to remove hairs. Here is a quick re-look at other hair removal options and how safe or unsafe they are for pregnant women.

Depilatory creams: the ingredient of this cream are barium, calcium thioglycolate, and sulfide. It is still yet to be confirmed if it is safe for pregnant women, so it is not advisable. Waxing is better depending on the skin. If the skin is sensitive, it might be an uncomfortable process.

Electrolysis: This is similar to laser hair removal, but not entirely sure of the safety for expecting mothers. So it is best to skip.

Threading, shaving, and tweezing are considered safe, but you must get help from your friend or partner. So they can help you if bumps get along.

In summary, hormone levels during pregnancy change, and the hair growth is in excess. Laser hair removal is safe, but it is not certain if it is safe for pregnant women, so it is best to avoid it until after childbirth.

It is best to stick with the traditional process of getting rid of unwanted hair like shaving and stay away from laser skin treatment and hair removal creams to avoid getting negative after-effects. Pregnant women are usually careful and reconsider they routine to be sure nothing harms their baby.

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