Can Babies Have Seizures In The Womb

If your unborn baby tends to move or twitch in strange motions when they are in your womb, it could be a very weird thing, and it is actually not surprising that many people might actually be troubled by this.

These little beings are living organisms, so it is very possible that they would go through some sort of movement, since it is in the characteristics of every living organism. Knowing this, many reports of moving babies are seen as kicking.

Can Babies Have Seizures In The Womb

It is very possible for your baby to have seizures in the womb but this is a very rare occurrence. Neonatal or fetal seizures as it is called is usually sue to a neurological issue in babies and it happens in 3 out of a 1000 babies. It is actually a serious issue and can cause complicating matters.

These movements do not feel like the normal thumping or rhythmic movements your baby makes, they rather feel irrational and your womb feels all shaky and in total unrest. If this happens, it is very important that you are rushed to a hospital for various medications that could help return things back to normal.

You should also be very aware of things you eat, as taking in excess junk could make this predicament to continually repeat itself.

Can Babies Have Seizures In The Womb

But these movements might not actually mean kicking alone, there are actually some strange motions that could mean other things.

It is actually true that many babies tend to move in troubling ways for so many reasons. And just because those movements are weird or strange, does not actually mean that it is a cause for alarm or concern.

In this article we will talk on so many things concerning these movements, their effects, reasons and every other thing you need to know about it.

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Causes of strange movements or twitching in a pregnant woman’s womb

The twitching noticed by many pregnant women in their womb, is usually caused by many reasons. Numerous times, women tend to recognize normal kicks from other strange movements when it comes to their unborn babies.

And since it is something they might not be familiar with, especially when it is their first issue, it is actually a good idea to be familiar with reasons to why this thing actually happens as it could go a long way in rectifying certain issues involved in this course.

Some reasons why your baby might make abnormal movements are;

Baby stretches

When it almost due time for delivery, i.e. the 7th to 9th month of pregnancy, it is actually normal for your baby to want to stretch it’s cartilage bones. This is because the womb might start getting very small for it, and it’s body mass requires a bigger space.

These stretches are different from your normal pregnancy kicks and might come as thumps, twitches etc. You should always make yourself comfortable in times like these, as it will help calm your body, and the baby down.

Hiccups Sneezing Cough

As weird as it may seem, your unborn baby can actually suffer from hiccups in the womb. Babies can actually hiccup in their mother’s womb and this can let out a weird sensation for it’s mom.

Some moms feel twitches, spasms, shivers etc. Your baby can even cough or sneeze in the womb and this would give out that weird sensation also. This should not come as a source of alarm as these thumping actions are actually pretty normal.

Muscular spasms

The baby’s brain develops as his or her body also develops. As these developments work, the baby’s muscles can also go through some involuntary movement that might seem alarming or weird.

These movements are Calles muscular spasms and they could be felt as jolting movements in your womb. When this happens, you should not feel worried as this shows that your baby is actually developing.

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Movement of the umbilical cord

There’s a fluid in a woman’s womb that actually allows the baby float within. That fluid is the amniotic fluid, and even as the fluid makes a baby float, the umbilical cord also does the same. The umbilical cord is a duct that helps feed the baby while it is situated in the womb.

It serves as a conductor of nutrients from the mother to the little baby. Some times, the baby actually gets tangled by the cord and would try to wriggle it’s way out. As much as this sounds very serious and scary, it is actually a normal thing as many babies get tangled by their umbilical cord at one point before conception.

Startling noises

You should be aware that your baby can actually hear faint noises from the outside world already. So it is possible that you baby might actually react to happenings due to startling sounds from the outside world.

Inside the body system, there is total tranquility because every activity done within is executed with little or no noise at all. So if the outside world is noisy, it could affect the child’s peace thereby making him or her act.

Quick jabs and jumps are type of actions your baby might showcase if these noise occurs. Always ensure that you reside in a quiet and safe place, for you baby to experience total comfort.

Food eaten

There are some foods that could make your baby active because of its metabolically related work in your body system. If you usually take very cold drinks, caffeine contained products or very sugar type foods, you would notice that your baby would definitely get more active and make very weird movements.

This is because it is reacting to the food you eat. Taking good food is very essential as it helps your baby develop in the best way. And another thing is the periods in which the mother actually eats. She should ensure that she eats at certain intervals to ensure that the baby gets what it actually needs


It is a very good thing when you feel movements from your baby. Although these sequential movements might actually feel weird or abnormal, but these movements show that your baby is actually alive and it is better than your baby not moving at all.

Most neonatal movements are positive signs that your baby is actually very healthy and in great shape. You should always learn to understand these movements and try not to get alarmed by them as they are normal, and show that your baby is actually moving in your womb.

Since your little child is making his presence known, it is a very good sign and it goes to show that all is actually well. And as much as you might actually feel some random movement that might actually feel weird, you should not get worried as it does not necessarily mean that there is trouble.

It might actually be very hard to do so during your first issue as you might not be used to these movements, but you should know that pregnancy is more of building trust for your body because no one experience what you feel better than yourself.

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