Best Swing For Colicky Babies

This is one guide we want moms to thoroughly read as it addresses the best swing for colicky babies, and reading through this guide will help moms find a suitable swing for their colicky baby. Watching or hearing babies cry is a common thing because crying is the best medium babies use in pouring their hearts out to anyone around. It is through the cry language babies get to show they are hungry, experiencing discomfort, or are in pain. If your baby continues crying at a particular time of the day or night everyday, you should suspect that something might be wrong.

Your baby might be struggling with colic if he cries at a particular time everyday for three hours or more, but we do not want parents reading this to be scared simply because we mentioned the word colic. Colic is a common condition in babies, and it is not regarded as a disease or diagnosis. Colic is considered to be a term that people use in explaining how babies use tears in explaining something difficult to use, or something we do not understand. Statistics have showed that one out of every five newborn will have the same crying pattern and exhibit the same symptoms.

Surprisingly, baby swings that helps with colic have been designed and are already being sold on the market. These baby swings are known for soothing and calming down babies suffering and crying from colic, and we cannot overemphasize the importance of this baby swing right now if your child is showing signs and symptoms of colic. Parents need to thread carefully when shopping for a baby swing for colic because all baby swings cannot provide relief to babies suffering from colic.

You will find so many baby swings on the market, but what makes you think you will be able to find the suitable one for your child? You need to find the right baby swing for your child if you want to help your baby feel some relief while struggling with colic, and this is why you can trust our guide on the best swing for colicky babies to point you in the direction you should go.

When a newborn baby cries, it shows that a new life has been welcomed on planet earth. Everyone has accepted the fact that crying is every baby’s universal language, because they use it in expressing certain conditions like thirst, bad feelings, and hunger. Parents will need to pay close attention to their baby if he cries for more than three hours, but parents also need to have it in mind that colic isn’t a severe disease in babies. Healthy babies are known to suffer from colic at some point in their lives too, and it is never a long term problem.

It can be a little bit difficult for parents to handle because no parent will be happy watching their baby cry for lengthy hours, but parents should be able to tell their child is suffering from colic through their baby’s waving of hands in the air, high pitched crying voice, and a wrinkled brow. The cause of colic in babies is yet to be figured out as both the healthy and sick babies suffer from it. Babies born from mothers that smoke are likely to suffer more from colic, but there is not scientific backing for that yet.

Best Swing For Colicky Babies – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Swing For Colicky Babies

Selecting The Best Swing For Colicky Babies

Going to the market to shop for the best swing for colicky babies might not be as easy as you picture it to be because of the numerous baby swings you will come across at the market. Baby swings are not designed to be the same, as they are designed to differ from one another. There are few features a baby swing should possess that makes it a good recommendation for colicky babies, so check out these features below.

Swing Movement

Baby swing for colicky babies should be designed to swing from head to toe, and this is very essential as it makes babies feel like they are relaxing inside of their mother’s womb. Making babies feel safe is another benefit of such swing movement.

Baby Positioning

The best swing for colicky babies are the ones that encourage babies to remain in an upright position. Flat swings are not ideal for colicky babies because they are likely to cause acid reflux in your baby.

Swing Speeds

Another good baby swing parents can go for are the ones with several speed options. This is because having multiple speed options provides specific speeds that will be perfect for providing relief in different situations.

Best Swing For Colicky Babies Review

1. Graco Sense2Soothe Baby Swing with Cry Detection Technology

Having a multi-directional seat offers several ways to sooth colic babies, and parents will be able to find the right speed for their baby as they can choose from its triple adjustable speed setting. Babies will be content and soothe while using this colic thanks to its vibration and dual speed setting, and what parents love about this swing is its three reclining seat position that helps parents in finding the suitable position for their child.

To soothe crying babies, parents can select from its nature sounds and melody to stop babies from crying.


  • Assembling this baby swing is simple
  • Babies will love everything about this swing
  • It comes with a cry detection technology that actually works


  • There are times this swing malfunctions

2. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Swing

This is a baby-themed baby swing that offers a dual motion for swinging from head to toe, and it also swings side by side which we find quite amazing about this baby swing. It comes with an easy to recline seat, has up to six swing speed settings, about sixteen sounds and songs to select from to help soothe your baby.

Look on the bright side, this is definitely the right swing for your child as it promises to keep babies entertained for hours with its collection of toys. Traveling and storing up this baby swing is possible as it can be folded with ease, while babies will enjoy optimal head support using its plush head support feature.


  • Babies will sleep off comfortably in this swing
  • It keeps babies mobile and secure
  • It doesn’t make sounds or noise during use


  • It is less in power

3. Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker

Surprisingly, this swing can serve as a baby swing or as a baby rocker. It comes with handles that makes moving it from one point or place to another without any hassle, and soothing babies is possible as this swing is designed to swing from side to side and from front to the back.

Its dual speed vibration is recommended specially for colic babies, and babies will enjoy optimal comfort and coziness thanks to its roomy seating area. It also comes with a dual reclining position that offers comfort in babies, and parents will be able to find the right speed setting from its six speed setting.


  • It has some unique features that sets it apart from other swings
  • It comes with all of its parts
  • It boasts of a decent quality build


  • Swinging produces a squeaky sound

4. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

Relieving colic symptoms and feelings in babies is what the 4Moms Mamaroo baby swing is designed to do, and it comes with five speeds and motion parents can select from to find the right speed for their child. Parents will be able to control the motion and sounds from this baby swing using its Bluetooth enabled technology, while soothing babies can be done through selecting from any of the four inbuilt songs it comes with.

Durability and safety are two key features of this swing that cannot be neglected, and the functionality of this baby swing doesn’t rely on the use of batteries.


  • It encourages babies to sleep comfortably
  • It has a compact build
  • It looks really good


  • It is a bit expensive

5. Graco Glider LX Baby Swing

You can easily tell that Graco makes reliable baby swings judging from the fact that it has about three baby swings in this guide. Cuddling and comforting babies is what this baby swing is set out to do when babies suffer colic pain, and it comes with six speed settings so parents can find a suitable one for their child.

Its design and compact frame guarantees this swing will perfectly fit anywhere in your house, while its ten classic and five natural melodies helps in keeping babies delighted and amused. A roomy seating area, plush head support, and reclining seat are other notable features of this baby swing.


  • It comes with a great build and design
  • It comes with a rocking movement babies will love
  • It will not use too much space anywhere it is positioned


  • A defective bar got delivered alongside this baby swing



We want to say a big thank you to everyone that has read this interesting guide up to this point, and we hope you have found this review interesting. All baby swings mentioned in this guide will help babies deal and handle colic symptoms and pain, and providing babies with quick relief is what they are designed to do. Parents can count on these swings mentioned in this guide to soothe and calm their baby when colic strikes. Check out these swings when you visit the market today.

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