Best Infant Car Seat Insert

Most infant car seats today come with an insert, but if your car seat doesn’t come with one, there are options available on the market for parents to choose from. The best infant car seat insert is necessary for every newborn baby as it provides the neck, head, and back with adequate support during a car ride, or a road trip. Providing padding and additional support for newborn babies is the significant reason behind designing an infant car seat insert, and another benefits of these inserts is they ensure babies properly fit into their car seat’s harness.

It is the desire of every parent to ensure their baby feels comfortable safe during every car trip and infant car seat inserts are best suited for ensuring every parents desire becomes a reality. Providing babies with a snug fit, being convenient and lightweight makes an infant car seat your baby’s travel buddy.

However, there are numerous brands and models on the market today when you decide to shop for a quality and reliable infant car seat insert. All of these brands and models claim to be the best, and trust me when i say shopping for an infant car seat can be very overwhelming for parents. Selecting a reliable infant car seat insert for your baby depends on how easy it is to install, how easy it is to use, how affordable it is, your budget for it, and the amount of comfort it offers little babies.

With all of these possible features we have mentioned, you will agree that shopping for an infant car seat insert isn’t an easy ride. One fact parents need to take into consideration when shopping for an infant car seat is shopping for one that will suit your baby alone won’t do the trick, but you also need to shop for a car seat insert that will match with your car seat. There are so many products on the market that will get the job done for you, and you can trust this guide which talks about the best infant car seat insert to point you in this right direction.

Best Infant Car Seat Insert – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Infant Car Seat Insert

Before a pregnant mom puts to bed, there are important items she needs to shop for in preparation of her baby’s arrival. Safety should be taken into consideration when shopping for your baby’s essentials, and infant car seat inserts comes with an array of designs, features, and functions that will keep babies safe at all cost. Parents will never forget to go out leaving their newborn baby behind, so every necessary measure needs to be taken to ensure that their baby gets all the comfort and safety they desire.

When shopping for an infant car seat insert, it is very essential that an infant car seat insert that tallies with your baby’s height and weight is settled for. It will also be a wise investment for parents to opt for an infant car seat insert that comes with so many security features. Parents should have it at the back of their mind that any infant car seat insert they get for their child must be able to provide safety, comfort, protection, and security, so settling for just any infant car seat you come across isn’t a wise investment decision.

It will pay off when parents are intentional, particular, and demanding regarding the type and quality of infant car seat they want to get for their newborn baby, and another surprising fact about infant car seat insert is they come in various styles and sizes. Surprisingly, infant car seat inserts might also double as a baby carrier, and such infant car seat inserts have what it takes to grow as a baby grows. In addition, there are infant car seat inserts that have convertible seats, but this doesn’t mean all infant car seat inserts should have a convertible seat.

Best Infant Car Seat Insert Review

1. Diono Cuddle Soft, 2-in-1 Head Support

What we love about the Diono Cuddle Soft Infant car seat insert is it offers babies full body support, meaning babies will enjoy maximum support at the torso, shoulders, and head. It boasts of a clever two in one design that utilizes an easy to remove cushion for supporting your baby’s head, and this infant car seat is compatible with stroller, car seat, and an infant carrier. This is a good choice when traveling by road, and it is made out of an ultra soft material that will go gently on your baby’s skin. It is a machine washable product, meaning mothers will find it very easy to clean up when it gets stained.


  • It works great and offers quality support
  • It is made using a very soft material for your baby’s sensitive skin
  • It looks nice and feels very secure


  • Mothers were no pleased with its head positioning

2. JANABEBE Reducer Cushion Infant Head & Baby Body Support

The Janabebe Reducer Cushion features a breathable outer material that makes babies feel comfortable when they are placed in this car seat insert, and another benefit of its outer soft material is it offers babies a feeling of welcoming. Made using high quality cotton fabric, this is one car seat insert that will endure all forms of use, meaning you will not return to the market soon to shop for another infant car seat insert, while being hypoallergenic means it will not cause allergies or irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. This baby car seat insert feels natural, soft, and breathable.


  • This is ideal for a newborn
  • Its materials feels nice and soft
  • It works great and as advertised
  • It is easy to put together


  • There are no complaints yet

3. Pro Goleem Infant Car Seat Head Neck Body Support

Surprisingly, the Pro Goleem Infant Car Seat Head, Neck, And Body Support isn’t for newborns and infants alone, but it can be used for preemies too. It features a microfiber material that provides a cool feeling for babies, making it the perfect product for use during summer period. Babies would enjoy a unique 3-D touch feeling thanks to its Minky dot design, and keeping this infant car seat insert clean only requires you to machine wash when necessary. Washing this infant car seat insert in a machine will not cause it to peel or fade.


  • This is an awesome product with an easy to adjust headrest
  • It has a stylish look
  • It offers comfort and is very easy to clean


  • None

4. COOLBEBE Upgraded 3-in-1 Baby Head Neck Body Support Pillow

The combination of a mesh fabric liner and clever nested design makes the COOLBEBE support pillow ideal for newborns, and made using hypoallergenic materials makes this product completely safe for little babies. It is very soft and absorbent, and the fact that it has a long lasting build makes it an excellent choice for every parent. This is a versatile car seat insert that can be used in the winter and autumn periods, and it is compatible with strollers, carriers, and car seats. Protection and comfort are guaranteed when you place your baby in this car seat insert, and just like other car seat inserts we have talked about in this guide, cleaning up this product is fast and easy using a machine.


  • Babies will enjoy the comfort it delivers
  • It helps babies fall asleep instantly
  • Babies will fit perfectly in this


  • It feels a little bit too hot
  • It isn’t compatible with Britax

5. JJ Cole – Head Support, Newborn Head and Neck Support

Providing head support for infants, newborns, and preemies is what the JJ Cole car seat insert promises to do, and ensuring that infants sit upright and comfortable during every car ride is another benefit of having your baby in this infant car seat insert. This car seat insert will fit your car seat with ease, and for parents looking for a car seat insert that will grow with their baby, this right here fits the description. Interestingly, this infant car seat insert offers babies about five different styles with unique patterns and colors. Finally, the JJ Cole car seat insert boasts of convenience, style, fashion, and utility.


  • It fits newborns perfectly
  • It comes with matching strap supports
  • It boasts of a fun design


  • It works slightly different than what was advertised

Best Infant Car Seat Insert Buying Guide

From all that we have said so far in this detailed guide, it will not be wise for a parent to walk into any baby shop and pick just any infant car seat insert that is attractive or good looking. There are numerous factors that parents need to carefully consider when shopping for such an important item, and these factors ought to be given quality thoughts because they will decide if you will end up leaving the market with a reliable product, or a low quality one. With the numerous models and designs on the market, paying attention to these features will make shopping easy for any parent. These features are;

  • Ease of use
  • Adjustments
  • Car seat base
  • Harness system
  • Comfort


We have gotten to the point where we draw the curtain on this review, and i am hopeful that you didn’t just find this review interesting, but you were also able to make up your mind on the product you think will be best for your newborn baby. Every product we have talked about in this guide is very functional, and you can count on them to make your baby feel safe and comfortable.

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