Best Face Moisturizer For Pregnancy

It is common for a pregnant woman’s face to feel dried, but you can trust the best face moisturizer for pregnancy to help leave the face looking healthy, soft, smooth, and good. Shopping for the best face moisturizer for pregnancy while getting stuffs your baby will need is very vital if you want to maintain a healthy and clear skin.

When a woman is expecting a baby, it is common for her to deal with some changes that happens on her body and her face. This explains why it is necessary to have a pregnancy skincare routine, but it is also important to know that the body will react to some products differently. A pregnant woman might witness so many changes to her face and skin during pregnancy, but using the right products ensures beauty is maintained.

The truth is not every product on the market right now will be perfect for a pregnant woman, but there are certain products that contains the right ingredients and formula to help maintain a healthy skin. For this reason, we have decided to bring our readers this interesting guide which will point you in the right direction and help you find a safe product to use.

Its always fun sharing the good news about your pregnancy with close families, friends, and colleagues, and you are definitely going to get some congratulatory messages. Someone suggests you should get a face moisturizer when shopping for baby items, but you choose not to take the information serious.

Few months into your pregnancy, you stare into the mirror and wished you had taken the advice seriously, because every pregnancy period comes with so many changes. These changes might be metabolic, immunological, endocrinological, and vascular changes, and women need to be aware that these changes will also affect some organs in the body, but not in a drastic way.

So many stories from pregnant women in the past have claimed that their bodies underwent so many changes during their pregnancy stage, and there are surveys online that have proved a woman’s body doesn’t stay the same when pregnant. This changes shouldn’t scare you as a woman because they are common in every woman, and they are bound to appear during the third trimester.

It is very important that pregnant women stay away from certain products that will act harsh on the skin, and these harsh products can be found in moisturizers, soaps, and certain chemicals. Natural products remains the best option for every pregnant woman out there, and you can trust this guide which talks about the best face moisturizer for pregnancy to help you find the right product.

Best Face Moisturizer For Pregnancy – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Face Moisturizer For Pregnancy

Quitting some of your regular skincare products are some of the things you have to do when you get pregnant, and you might be forced to give up eating some foods and drinks when you are pregnant. This is because they might not be healthy for the you and the baby, and we all know that giving up some of your skincare products might be challenging as a woman.

These effective and safe products can be used at the end of pregnancy, but identifying the best face moisturizer for pregnancy isn’t very easy. There is a very big possibility you might end up leaving the market with a poor quality product that will not deliver the result you need, and a pregnant woman’s face will react with any skincare product it doesn’t rhyme or blend with.

We have decided to bring you good news today if you are in this spot today, because there are several safe and healthy products a pregnant woman can use. Settling for a face moisturizer formulated with harsh products will work negatively on a pregnant woman’s face, but there are some trustworthy brands you can use without worrying about a negative reaction on the face.

A pregnant woman’s skin becomes very sensitive during her pregnancy stage, and this isn’t just about having a high sense of smell when a woman gets pregnant. A pregnant woman’s face might experience irritation, itchy feeling, or feel very dry during her pregnancy stage, and all of these happen as a result of using products that are harsh. It is very necessary that pregnant women are cautious of the perfumes, sprays, soaps, and other skincare products, so they do not end up ruining their skin or their face.

Best Face Moisturizer For Pregnancy Review

1. Burt’s Bees Daily Face Moisturizer Cream

Providing the skin with a luminous feel and making the skin hydrated is one of the benefits that comes with using the Burt Bees Daily Face Moisturizer. Pregnant moms can trust this cream to help the skin stay and feel smooth, making it the best option for sensitive skins. It has great hydrating and moisturizing power that fights against skin redness and irritation, and you can count on this product to leave the skin refreshed. It makes skin healthy and is safe as it is made with natural products only. It is a dermatologist-tested product which makes it extra safe.


  • It clears up irritation from the skin
  • It has an effective healing power
  • It leaves the skin looking healthy


  • There are complaints about this product having a changed formula

2. BELLA B Silk & Honey 8 oz – Pregnancy Safe Moisturizing Lotion

This is a safe product from pregnant moms that has a luscious and thick lotion with the power to leave the skin well moisturized without leaving a greasy feeling behind. It is safe as it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like lanolin, paraben, petroleum, and other artificial ingredients that are capable of causing harm to the skin. It is made using natural ingredients like mango ingredients, Shea butter, cocoa butter, and past reviews revealed this product has a good smell. It is also made with natural oils that makes it extra safe.


  • It features a light scent
  • It will not leave a sticky residue on the skin
  • It leaves the skin feeling great and soft


  • There are complaints about flakes

3. BELLA B Face Lotion 3.4 oz Bottle – Facial Glow

The Bella brand is a trustworthy brand that so many moms trust to make good products for their skin. This product right here boasts of a unique formula that will leave the skin looking replenished, soft, and smooth, and it will bring back all the nutrients the skin has lost as a result of pregnancy. Moms will enjoy a radiant and glowing skin by using this product, and the fact that it contains some protective properties makes it the best face moisturizer any woman can go for. It is made up of natural plant extracts, oils, and fruits that makes the skim firm and healthy, and it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients that will harm the skin.


  • It has the power to get rid of acne from the skin
  • It leaves a long lasting effect on the skin
  • It is ideal for use on sensitive skins


  • It doesn’t help with skin breakouts

4. Organic Face Moisturizer, Unscented Natural Face Cream

A surprising feature of this organic face moisturizer is how it leaves the face well moisturized without the use of certain ingredients, and the production of this face moisturizer doesn’t involve the use of harmful ingredients or chemicals. Moms will enjoy the unique feel this cream provides the body with thanks to its powerful hydrating power, and not leaving behind any greasy feel is another advantage attached to using this face moisturizer. People concerned about their skin can trust this dermatologist-tested face moisturizer, and its vegan formulation makes it safe for pregnant women.


  • This product has a natural formulation
  • It eliminates facial congestion
  • It can be added to any skincare routine
  • It has the ability to clear up the skin
  • It acts soft and gentle on the skin


  • No cons

5. Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion

We are drawing the curtain on this interesting guide with another product from the burt bees brand, telling you this brand goes all out in making top quality products only. Restoring sensitive and delicate skins is what this cream is formulated to do, and there are clinical tests that shows this cream will also get rid of wrinkles and lines from the face. It is completely safe for women as it features natural ingredients in its formulation, and moms can also count on this product to leave the skin moisturized and hydrated. In addition, moms can also rely on this product to give moms a clear skin during their pregnancy stage.


  • It gets rid of unwanted breakouts
  • It will leave all skins moisturized and smooth
  • It gets absorbed easily without leaving a greasy feel on the skin


  • It came with a failed pump dispenser

Final Note

This is the point where we draw the curtain on this very interesting guide, and we are hopeful you have learnt a thing or two about the essence of using a gentle and safe face moisturizer during your pregnancy stage. It is vital that you know the right time to visit the doctor if things get out of hand, but you can trust all of the products we have discussed and listed for you in this guide to help you take care of your face during pregnancy.

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