Top 5 Best Bottles For Babies That Spit Up

Whether you intend to rush back to work or want to feed your baby because it is his mealtime, using the right bottle is essential. It becomes more important when your baby suffers from a condition as serious as spit-ups, so you need to get the right bottle for your baby.

A baby’s bottle might have a straightforward design or appearance, but there are a thousand bottles that you have to choose from. Unfortunately, choosing the best bottles for babies that spit up isn’t as easy as most moms think it to be, and if you are in this situation currently, where do you start from?.

You can count on this guide to help you out when it comes to finding the ideal bottle for your baby’s spit-up condition. Firstly, you need to know the types of baby bottles on the market today.

Types Of Baby Bottles

There are five various types of baby bottles, and they are;

  • Normal baby bottles
  • Anti-colic baby bottles
  • Self-sterilizing baby bottles
  • Bottles for breastfeeding
  • Bottles for breast pumps

Every bottle we have listed up has special features and characteristics that make it different.

For example, using regular baby bottles means no fuss when feeding. In addition, the regular bottles are easy to find, while breastfeeding babies’ bottles come with a teat for mimicking a mother’s nipple.

Anti-colic bottles have designs like special vents and angled tops, while the bottles for breast pumps are fixed to the breast pumps. You should and shouldn’t do things using a baby bottle, but most nursing mothers today have no idea about these things.

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Best Bottles For Babies That Spit Up

Baby Bottle Safety

Nursing mothers are expected to replace their baby bottles after one year of use, and when it comes to cleaning up your baby bottle, it will be better to clean using a baby-friendly detergent and warm water.

We don’t mean washing them in a dishwasher is a bad idea, but a nursing mother will be able to properly clean out all angles of a baby bottle. If your teats get cracked, or your baby is ready to move on to another size, replace the teats, especially when they start getting thin and losing colors.

Silicone teats are a preferred option to latex teats, and this is because they are firmer. However, being firm means they have more endurance than latex teats, so ensure you check the teats regularly.

Top 5 Best Bottles For Babies That Spit Up

1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles

This bottle comes with a unique vent system that gets rid of air from formula or milk. Eliminating air from your baby’s food allows your baby to consume all of the essential nutrients they need, and you can count on this bottle when dealing with spit-up, colic, burping, and gas.

Their positive pressure flow system and narrow design make this bottle outstanding, and the importance of the pressure system is it creates vacuum-free feeding that is similar to breastfeeding.

One more thing you need to know about this bottle is it comes with silicone nipples of various sizes, and the benefit of these nipples is they encourage babies to feed at their speed. Lastly, there are no rules regarding when you should change the nipples.


  • It boasts a unique vent system.
  • This bottle is free from BPA.
  • Its plastic material construction is free from shatter.


  • Measuring liquid with this bottle is a bit challenging.
  • If you do not place a circular insert inside this bottle, it will be vulnerable to leaking.

2. Philips Avent Classic Plus Baby Bottles

Best Bottles For Babies That Spit Up

The next bottle we want to talk about is the Philips Avent Classic Plus Baby Bottles, and they have proved to be a good solution for babies struggling with spit-up. This bottle comes in about three different sizes, but they are more expensive than most baby bottles.

These bottles are free from BPA, which is harmful chemical material. One impressive feature about this bottle is its anti-colic valve system that effectively keeps air away from your baby’s food.

This bottle’s wide-neck design makes it easy for nursing mothers to clean up this bottle without stress, while the markings on the bottle make it easy to get the right measurement. In addition, these bottles are clinically proven to keep the air inside the bottle and not your baby’s food.


  • These bottles are easy to clean.
  • They are designed to heat up evenly.
  • Its unique anti-colic valve system helps in keeping air out of the bottle.


  • These bottles are a bit pricey.
  • The point where the nipples meet the ring is prone to leaks.

3. Tommee Tippee Feeding Bottles

Interestingly, this bottle comes with a slow flexible nipple that mimics natural breastfeeding action. So not only is this nipple designed to make feeding comfortable, but it also mimics a nursing mother’s skin.

Children will find it easy to latch onto this nipple thanks to its exceptional shape, and when shopping for baby bottles for spit-up, this is one of the affordable bottles. Surprisingly, this bottle offers about three different ways to hold, and whichever way you choose to hold this bottle will offer additional comfort when feeding your little one.

Parents will not have any issues measuring the right amount of formula, thanks to the markings on this bottle, and only one nipple comes with this bottle.


  • This bottle comes in a variety of colors.
  • Its four-piece system is straightforward to clean.
  • Parents will find it very affordable.


  • It comes with just one nipple.
  • The nipple tends to collapse after some time.

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4. Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green

This bottle’s beauty is its design helps fight spit-ups, bottle rejection, and nipple confusion. In addition, it boasts one of the best wide neck designs available on the market, and even though these bottles might be a bit expensive, they have a durable and solid build, making them a very wise bottle to invest in.

These are microwave-safe bottles, meaning there will be no issues using sterilizers or boiling water with these bottles. You can either wash this bottle using a dishwasher or using your hands and an essential feature. This bottle possesses anti-colic vents that help prevent air from getting into your baby’s formula or food. In addition, babies will find these bottles squeezable and soft, offering them a better grip.


  • These bottles are easy to clean.
  • They have a heat-resistant design.
  • Its slow flow design makes it ideal for newborns.


  • You will experience leakages during the first few uses.
  • Some parents complained that its measurements were not visible.

5. Hegen Baby Bottles

This bottle offers a one-handed closure, and its hassle-free handling helps prevent spillages. Impressively, the Hegen Baby Bottles is considered a multi-functional feeding system. If your baby no longer needs it like a baby bottle, it can be converted into storage, water, or food container.

It comes with air vents that minimize air bubbles and bypass milk, ensuring that your baby gets all the nutrients he deserves. Another notable feature of this baby bottle is its soft square design that makes sure the bottle doesn’t roll away, making sure that parents stack this bottle for convenient storage.


  • This bottle is worth every money spent on it.
  • There are no issues with leakages.
  • Parents will find this bottle very easy to clean.


  • NonE

Tips For Bottle Usage

Below are some tips that can help nursing mothers with feeding their babies;

1. Periodical Checking Of Bottles

You should always be on the lookout for wear and tear around the bottle, and they tend to occur around the nipple region most times. This happens because babies with teeth tend to bite nipples, which can cause cracks in nipples, resulting in the compromise of the flow.

If you notice that the nipple is getting damaged, you should discard it and go for a new one. You should also check for damages when using plastic baby bottles, while you should check for chipping in the case of glass bottles.

2. Manufacturer’s Recommendation For Sterilization

Nursing mothers should stick to what the manufacturer’s leaflet says about sterilizing baby bottles, and mothers must do this to avoid unwanted damage.

3. Convenient Bottle For Moms

When feeding, the right bottle allows you to store breast milk; it enables you to feed your child even while at work, and it offers everybody at home a chance to feed little prince charming.

The bottle that works best for your baby’s age and the one that suits your baby’s feeding style is what you should go for. Proper care would also prompt you to make optimal use of any baby bottle.

How To Bottle Feed Babies

Bottle-feeding babies is an act every nursing mother needs to get right. If you notice that your child is turning up his nose at the bottle, it will be a great idea if you let some time go before trying again.

The hunger might make it easy for your baby to accept the bottle, and even if your child is starving, it might take some time for your baby to accept a baby bottle. But, in the end, your baby will like to feed, so you shouldn’t give up so easily.

It might be a case of trial and error for baby bottles, meaning some babies might prefer a particular shape. Other babies might want another shape entirely, and some features will help ease conditions like spit-up, colic, and gas.

The truth is you might end up trying a few bottles before finding that which will work for your baby.

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