Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic

Watching your baby struggle with colic and gas isn’t fun for any parent, but the best baby bottles for gas and colic ensures that air bubbles do not enter your baby’s milk or tummy during feeding. Using any of the best bottles means every feeding time will be fun time, and if a child feeds well, there is a very good chance that such baby will sleep comfortably too. You will watch you little baby cry frequently and excessively if gas and colic are at work, and the pain is hard for any parent to bear because watching their healthy baby go through so much pain can be very heartbreaking. Experts claim that one out of five babies are likely to suffer from gas and colic during their first weeks, but the condition is likely to stop when babies hit six months.

Six months is a very long time for any parent to wait for their baby to get better, so what can you do as a parent? Watch your baby cry uncontrollably every night? There are so many recommended bottles that will help parents deal with gas and colic issues in their little baby, but finding out which bottle to use when feeding your baby isn’t an easy task. All the bottles you will find at the market and on the internet claims to be best, and if they all claim to be the best, how can you identify the ones that are truly the best from the low-quality ones? The fact is you need these bottles to help your baby survive, and also help you as a parent get quality sleep. If your baby cries all night, it means you have to stay awake.

When searching for the best baby bottles for feeding your newborns or for breastfed babies, utmost caution needs to be taken, because there are so many poor quality bottles today claiming to be the best. However, bottles come in various sizes and shapes, but if you are in search of a bottle that will help with your baby’s gas and colic issues, this is where you can trust this guide to provide you with the best possible options to make your search easier. Since gas and colic in babies are caused by air getting inside their feeding bottles, the bottles we want to talk about has designs to prevent air from getting inside them.

Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic

It is not a lie when people say babies are a blessing to their family and everyone around them. These little humans are adorable and cute, and everything about them seem to melt hearts. Seeing babies cry is very heartbreaking, and this is because crying is the best way babies use in expressing their level of discomfort. When a baby cries, there could several reasons responsible for it, like they could have a rash, feeling ill, or their wet napkins is making them uncomfortably and needs to be changed. Whatever the problem might be, a parent needs to be alert to determine the reason behind your baby’s tears.

Gas and colic are common reasons that causes babies to cry excessively, and some homemade cure for this includes, giving the baby a warm bath or laying the baby down, and massaging the baby. However, a sure way of getting rid of this situation is changing your bottles for feeding to a special one that prevents gas and colic attacks. If your baby’s feeding bottle has a bad design, it will allow the in flow of air into the bottle, causing your baby to take in this air into his stomach. This is what causes gas and colic conditions in babies. Well, if you are in search of the best bottles as a remedy for gas and colic, we have them ready for you in this guide.

Quick Tips On How To Use Anti-Gas And Anti-Colic Bottles

You should follow these simple steps below so you can get the best out of the bottles mentioned in this guide.

  • Ensure your baby’s formula or milk is well heated before feeding.
  • Before and after feeding, sterilize and clean your baby’s bottle.
  • When feeding, make sure your baby isn’t laying down flat as that is a wrong position for feeding.
  • The bottle should be held at a position that prevents air from getting inside. This implies tilting the bottle till you find the perfect angle for feeding.
  • When feeding, your baby’s mouth should be wide open, and it should properly cover the nipple.
  • Burp your baby during intervals while feeding to make sure there is no form of discomfort.

Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic Review

1. Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green

What mothers love most about this bottle is its ability to mimic a mother’s natural breastfeeding action, and this design helps in eliminating nipple confusion and bottle rejection in babies. Cleaning up this bottle after use is easy as it comes with a wide neck design that enables hands clean it with ease, and it boasts of dual anti-colic vents which prevents the entry of air inside the bottle, therefore reducing colic and gas in babies. This bottle from the Comotomo brand is safe for boiling waters, microwave, sterilizers, and dishwashers. Finally, this bottle is made out of safe hygienic materials, ensuring that they last for long.


  • Gently squeezing this bottle enables milk to flow with ease
  • It gets rid of bottle rejection and nipple confusion
  • It is safer compared to plastic bottles


  • It has loose lids
  • It leaks

2. Evenflo Feeding Angled Premium Proflo Vented Plus 

This bottle from EVENFLO is another highly recommended bottle for babies suffering from gas and colic issues, and what we find interesting about this bottle is its angled shape that ensures baby’s are comfortable while feeding, ensuring that you baby doesn’t feel fussy anymore while feeding. It boasts of an EVENFLO PROFLO venting design which makes sure milk bubbles remains in the bottle, and do not get into your baby’s stomach. This makes this bottle effective in preventing reflux, colic, fussiness, and gas issues. Assembling and disassembling this bottle is easy for effective cleaning action, and since it comes with few parts, users don’t have to be worried about any of its parts getting misplaced.


  • Its venting technology makes sure nipple doesn’t collapse
  • It has minimal parts that makes cleaning easy
  • Kids are in love with its colors


  • Parents complained this bottle is badly balanced
  • Its travel caps cannot be easily removed

3. Playtex Baby Ventaire Bottle

The fact that this bottle comes with an anti-colic design makes it perfect for feeding babies with gassy and colic issues, and the purpose of this anti-colic design is to make sure babies do not ingest air while feeding. Babies are held in a semi-upright position for feeding, thanks to its angled design, and this is why doctors recommend this bottles for many mothers as its angled design also helps in combating spit up, burping, gas, colic, and reflux. It boasts of a nipple design that is similar to a mother’s breastfeeding action. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for better cleaning.


  • This bottle has a fantastic design and doesn’t leak
  • Latching is easy using this bottle
  • Cleaning this bottle is super easy


  • Its nipples feels flimsy sometimes

4. Dr. Brown’s Options+ Baby Bottles

The Dr Brown’s brand is a respectable one, as they are popular for making high-quality baby bottles for feeding. This bottle can be trusted as it is clinically proven to fight against colic and gas in little babies. It boasts of an anti-colic internal vent system which prevents babies from ingesting air while feeding, and it gets rid of vacuum effect which causes spit up, gas, and burping in babies. Furthermore, mothers will not have to complain about the build up of fluid in a baby’s ear while feeding, and its design also helps babies say goodbye to nipple confusion during feeding. This is the best baby for ensuring your baby has a comfortable feeding experience.


  • It has no leakage issues
  • It has super cute appearance
  • It sells for a reasonable price


  • It causes babies to choke

5. Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles

This bottles has a familiar and soft feeling makes it easy for babies to latch between this baby bottle and their mothers breasts, and trust that there will not be nipple confusion when babies feed with this bottle. It is completely safe for babies as it doesn’t contain lead, PVC, and BPA materials which are harmful, and that tells you how safe this bottle is for feeding babies. Its 360 degree triple vented design gets rid of any discomfort during feeding, gassy feeling, colic, and reflux, while its stable base ensures it doesn’t tip over any surface. Babies will find it easy to hold this bottle, and lastly, it helps babies build fine motor skills.


  • Its suction doesn’t give out any noise while feeding
  • It is affordable
  • Connecting this bottle to a spectra pump is easy


  • It comes with on a slow flow nipple
  • Its nipple is very narrow

When You Need An Anti-Gas And Anti-Colic Bottle

If you have noticed constant fussiness and uncontrollable crying in your baby, the cause might be presence of gas and colic. Massaging your baby gently tends to provide relief at that moment, but the problem lingers because you use a badly designed bottle for feeding your baby. If milk leaks out and if your baby isn’t properly held at the right angle for feeding, it gives way for air to interfere, causing babies to suffer gas and colic symptoms. However, this is the right time for you to switch the bottle used for feeding your baby, and these bottles come with specially designed teats and nipples that cuts down or prevents air from entering into the bottle. These bottles guarantee that every feeding time will be more fun and enjoyable.

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